Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Sweater Project

Last month I stopped at two second-hand shops and bought a dozen wool sweaters for just a few dollars a piece.  My intent is to re-purpose the sweaters and sell my end results on my now empty Etsy store.  I named my shop "Whimsical Necessities". Stay tuned and keep watching because you will be able to see my progress right here! 

Here is the first sweater.  The sleeves are now a scarf awaiting a soft backing.  The body is being transformed into a computer sleeve.  Pictures of the progress will be forthcoming soon.

Most important, suggestions are highly encouraged!  Please leave comments on how the project can be improved.

Yikes! Christmas is Over.

Savvy had a tough night leading Santa's sleigh.

Having children who are night owls and late sleepers has meant no early Christmas mornings.  This Christmas was no different and no one woke up until 10:00 in the morning.

Molly got her ukulele.  Now she plays piano,violin, 
viola, trumpet and ukulele.

Once the chickens start laying again Abby can use
her Folk Art present to advertise and make money.


              Because of our late start, we didn't have brunch until 2 pm. 
             It was full of calories and cholesterol but absolutely yummy!

Abby let me know that she was the best present of all!

What a delightful day!