Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Charted Lace Shawl -- First Timer Jinx

Because I was stuck mostly in my bedroom after ankle reconstruction surgery, I thought it would be the perfect time to tackle my first charted lace shawl.  This blurry picture is probably my 6th restart.  As I continued to reread the chart, I kept realizing that I needed to make corrections.  For instance, I didn't realize that the even rows needed to be interpreted opposite of what is written.  And I missed that the odd rows had switched to knit.  How many stitches was I supposed to have?

I've made it to the second chart and now am stymied about how to/where/etc. work the repeats.  Almost made it to that point but had to frog it again.  I will keep at it and keep everyone informed.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Failure! Procrastination! Perhaps --- Defeat? Never.

Oh Mom!

Ok, I have ignored common sense and once again set myself up for failure.  How, you might ask, or perhaps you don't care.  But I must expound in any case.  In my defense I have been busy with normal kid and family life.  Added to that I have also been out of town to help my sister who had emergency abdominal surgery.  And then there's that little matter of ankle surgery that I had a couple weeks ago that banished me to our second floor.  Oh, and did I forget that we have no kitchen and our first floor is under construction?

These are but excuses.  I could have blogged.  I should have blogged.  Instead I found every reason to not write.  If you don't do it, then you don't have to worry about failing in your effort.  No success when you accept defeat by non-performance.

Enough of this!  During my avoidance maneuvers I have been mulling over my situation.  And weighing my predicament.  As well as realizing the obvious--to me anyway.  I don't like wallowing in my self-made pity party.

So I need to write.  regularly and often.  I will organize this blog as my wandering through the world of knitting and sewing and upcycling/refashioning.  I am a novice, I must admit.  And I will show my defeats and victories and everything inbetween.

We're banished?
Except for guest appearances.

I am also toying with the idea of resurrecting a blog I quasi-started a couple years ago before I knew what a blog really was.  I think I wrote a total of 2 posts.  That blog will become my down to life blog.  The house remodeling, the chickens, my family, even the weather--like if it continues to snow into July this year.  

Now, I need to go look for pictures to add to this post so that it isn't boring. 

Please come back to visit.  I have some awesome sweaters that I got from eBay.  And I found a great skirt that I want to turn into a dress for my 16 year old.  And I am starting my first shawl using a graft no less.  Savvy even agreed to be a regular on the blog.   

Stay tuned.  

Savvy says: I was bribed.