Friday, March 4, 2011

My Featherweight Sewing Machine is Back!

 At the end of January I left my little sewing machine with our local sewing machine repair man, Mr. Brown.  His eyes sparkled as I carried in the machine that my mom bought around the time I was born.  He called it a "210" and asked if I was a quilter. (I'm not . . . yet).  For all you non-quilters, the featherweight sought by quilters for reasons I haven't discovered yet but hope to.  As I left that day, Mr. Brown told me he would be gently with the machine.

I have had my mom's Singer for three or four decades now.  If I'm not mistaken, my mom let me have it way back when I was pregnant with my now 40 year old first born daughter.  Back in those days, maternity clothes were almost non-existent.  Sears was the only store I found that had any maternity clothes and those were not only poorly made but also downright ugly.  And there were no maternity jeans!!!  Rather than go without jeans, I found some stretchy material, "borrowed" my mother's Singer, cut out the front of the pants and voila! I had maternity jeans.

My Singer came home again on Tuesday, all spiffed up.  And not only did Mr. Brown the sewing machine repairman treat my baby gently, he also gave me two boxes of attachments to keep me busy.  Who needs a computerized sewing machine.  I've got my featherweight and gazillion attachments.  Thank you Mr. B!

Now that I think about it, my Singer should finally have a name.  Penelope sounds just right.