Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days Inspire Mittens & Hats

 Last month I went to one of the local thrift stores and bought a dozen wool sweaters.

Part of my cache of sweaters.

 Since then I've been deconstructing the sweaters, felting some, toying with others, and even undoing a scarf that I made because it didn't turn out like I envisioned.

Cut apart and ready for new action.    
Too short, too blah. Needs to be something else.

 I think I was just waiting for inspiration to hit.

And then it started to snow and snow and snow and voila - inspiration hit!  My mind unclogged.  Finally pieces began to fit together.  No lofty, cool objets d'art just simple, useful mittens and hats!

Here are the beginning, the finished product soon to follow.

Pinned together, waiting for stitching.

Beginning of a mitten.

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